That is not the case.

As long as you can hold onto what you think makes you beautiful and comfortable as a individual, the you are, in fact, beautiful no matter what you wear. At the end of the day it is not the clothes that make you beautiful, it’s the comfort within yourself that breeds inner confidence, and that is beauty.

Being a tomboy is not easy.

The tomboy identity is one that protects a girl from the negative aspects of what it means to be female in our society.

Some girls, as they grow up, witness abuse/harassment in one form or the other from men to women. It might be to their person or their mother or sister. The abuse might be sexual or in the form of physical violence. This experience might make them develop hatred, distrust, and fear of the opposite sex. Ironically, they embrace acting and dressing like the very men, whom they are repulsed by, as a means of defense. They discard their feminity in a bid to not be seen as vulnerable. The rationale here is “if I act tough or dress like a guy, no man would see me as someone to rape or beat up”.

In reality, the protection the identity offers is limited. It’s a coping mechanism. In a way, they hope that acting like a guy would protect them and the people that they love. They view maleness as physically safer than femaleness. They sacrifice a great part of themselves for that feeling of security.

Struggle of a tomboy.

Being a tomboy is hard. You see a lot of rolling eyes and whispers all around. The everyday struggle of a tomboy is a hard-hitting reality in the society where a woman is expected to possess all the feminine qualities and act, talk, walk, think, dress and even behave like what society expects as per the “so-called” standards.

It is no more than getting ready for a war on a daily basis, which can get on your nerves real bad! The society should just let a person be and let them do more of what they think they are comfortable in!

Society thinks you are rock strong even if you get miserable at times: Only because you dress up like a guy in baggy jeans and sports shoes and carry yourself like one, people often consider you to be rock solid from within like a guy. But in the deepest of your heart, you still get broken and vulnerable at times and desperately seek heart-to-heart conversation.

We know it’s a ruthless world out there. People are struggling to accept that there exist people who like to feel a certain way and act a certain way. It’s time the society should let just a person be and understand if an individual wants to savour the best of both worlds, just let them do it!