I met the love of my life through Instagram.

Yes, you heard that right. A social media website dedicated to sharing videos and photos was able to help me discover my soulmate.

We don’t know how we started following each other —

And one day suddenly He started responding to my stories around January 2017 but didn’t message me.

A couple of months later, suddenly we just started commenting on one another’s photo’s. and continued to message each other on Instagram, replying to each other’s stories.

We were friends for a year. And in 2018 we are dating each other. After ten months of relationship, in February 2019 we decided to meet in person.

And finally we met, I was very nervous to met him. Just because I saw him first time in my life. But we were immediately frank, like we knew each other for a long time. We are opposite to each other. But Meeting on Instagram is like meeting in a book store: You’re authentically exploring and expanding your interests, while bumping into other like-minded folks in the aisles and striking up conversation. I like how organic that is. Getting to know someone through their words and photos is like meeting their heart first.

Sometimes people don’t trust our story but this is the truth. We met on social media and now got married.

In November 2020 we got married. Yeah that was not easy for us to convince our family.

But after sometimes everything is okay and now we are happily married.