Birthdays are a special time of year. They remind us that we’re growing older, but they also symbolize how far we’ve come. They’re a cause for celebration and a great excuse to show someone how much you appreciate them. When we celebrate someone’s birthday we’re not only celebrating the length of their life, but we celebrate how much they’ve grown in the past year.

Birthdays are important because they give everyone a day to feel special and see how much those around them love them.

Yes I remember, I was 10 year’s old. I was super excited to celebrate my birthday.

Wednesday morning 1july, i woke up and everybody was wished me, everybody knows childhood birthday celebrations are so special for everyone.

And I was ready for go to school, as soon as possible I reached at school because I’m very excited for distribute of chocolates in my classroom.

This was very special feelings. Everybody was gave me blessings and wishes. I invited my friends in my birthday party and reached my home. In evening and I saw the decorations, that was amazing moment for me. My friends my cousins reached my home with gifts that moment I was thinking I’m the super special person on the earth.

Suddenly my father called me to cut the cake. Everybody was singing birthday song for me, I cut the cake, I fed everyone and suddenly a voice sounded, “you cut the cake without me”.

This was my mother’s voice, she looked me and gave me a smile and wished me to great life and a successful future.

She was not angry but I think she was hurt. She wasn’t complaining me but I felt it how she was getting hurt. That moment I was feeling guilty and today also I feel guilty.

This is the biggest regret of my life, I don’t but wherever my birthday comes and I feel guilty, I think about my mother and I feel would she even think about it?