The mind only has to think when there is a problem.This suggests that any worry or overthinking is the result of some problem.

Basically when you have a fear and your lifestyle keeps triggering this fear, it will result in worrying and overthinking. Your insecurities usually keep your fears alive.

Nothing like this in my life, maybe my way of thinking is different. I have to think about every little thing. And it’s pointless for me to think. I have to make every little thing big, it is my habit to be disturbing by thinking.

Now you must be thinking that why am I saying this about myself, because it is.

People think more but I think something more and pointless. There is a reason behind it, and the reason is some toxic people, whose actions have made me such a person. I try very hard not to think so much but I can’t stop myself. Maybe thinking like this is good and bad for me. Because sometimes I think positive and sometimes negative. But Negative thinking makes me feel lonely, so always be positive.

I’m trying to stop thinking too much, and I soon improved myself. Mistakes happen to every human being but only human brings improvements. Because this pointless thought is making my mind weak. And I can’t let this happen.

If you are also in this situation, then get out of yourself. Because it is very dangerous mentally and physically too.

Take care yourself and and stay away from toxic people and think good and positive, and stay away form negativity.

Think but think well.