love is ever present in our lives in more ways than one.

It’s the kind of term people still struggle to define and the term that mankind hasn’t been able to settle a single definition on. Everyone’s definition of love varies. The way our mothers introduce us to the world, How fathers introduce the world. Love has no bounds because love is not related or restricted to any particular thing or person.It is everywhere and anywhere. The only thing that distinguishes it, is we all fall in love with different things and have our own unique way of loving.

Love is the kind of term people still struggle to define.

Love has it’s own way, and every love story is beautiful.

I want to share something.

I saw a video on instagram in the evening, the video was of a lesbian couple. I read all comments, and some people are joking, and some people are abusing the couple.


Something was wrong?

Oh yes! Bad thinking of people. How interested are people in other’s lives. They also have the right to live their life in their own way. And maybe you don’t even understand their love. They are also human and they have every right to live their life. Lesbian love and marriage aren’t wrong, sound a little different but love has no boundaries.

They are happy in their life, so stop commenting, stop abusing. Every love story is different and beautiful too. The love of those people is no different from us, we made this thing different.

People make fun of these and maybe this shows your stupidity.

Improve your thinking and yourself, and treat everyone equally. People are not made from society rather society is made of people. Try to make a change, and instead of making fun of them, respect them.