The comments sections of social media and news outlets have become the new playground for online bullying

Comment sections can devolve into insults, threats, arguments, and harassment if left unchecked.

Almost everyone on social media gets negative comments, comments which are feeding into your insecurities, which make you question ” is this really worth it”, comments about your body, your eyes, or your accent.

I don’t understand what people get out of leaving comments like this. I’m almost always on instagram, Facebook, but i never leave comments like this for someone. How can you enjoy calling someone FAT! Or DISGUSTING? Just how? How can anyone think so badly about someone. Understand that you don’t like them, but you don’t have the right to judge them in any way.

This can negatively impact your mental health because you’ll turn to reading comments when you should be doing other things, leaving you feeling unmotivated and as though you’ve accomplished nothing.

Reading negative comments online might also leave you feeling anxious, particularly if you read comments that create fear or make you question your own choices. 

If you want to reduce the negative impact of reading online comments, one of the best things you can do is to focus only on reading positive comments. Comments from friends who offer social support will increase your well-being and have a positive effect. These comments are best if they come from people who you are close to and friends with in real life. If you are receiving negative comments, it’s OK to unfriend, unfollow, block, and delete.