We always talk about women, but have we ever thought for the men. Yes! Today I am raising my voice for men.

Last night I watched a video on instagram, I was shocked. A girl hitting and slapping a cab driver in the middle of a road in lucknow. His car touched the girl and she allegedly damaged his phone and used harsh language. when another man came to save the cab driver and stop the girl from hitting the driver anymore, the girl even hit him. The video was likely recorded by a witness of the incident. She should also understand that the right of self defence belongs to everyone.


Girls should be independent, but that doesn’t mean she will beat someone like this. Self defence is good but this kind of action is not good. She should have called the police. If a boy did the same thing then. We need to understand that whether it is a boy or girl, punishment should always be the same.

I am not saying that all girls are wrong, it’s not wrong to protect yourself but sometimes we want to do something thoughtfully, like we saw in this video. How she was beating the cab driver without stopping.

If something like this happens to you, please raise your voice, defend yourself, but don’t get angry and forget that maybe that thing happened by mistake. As you have seen in this video, may be the car was accidentally touched.

I know nowadays girls are not safe anywhere, Rape, Molestation, Dirty Comments, Violence etc etc. That’s why girls should always raise their voice for themselves. But we all know that there are some girls who take advantage of this. The way we raise our voice for girls so why not for boys?

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