Today I’m talking about anxiety, depression and stress. Which is common these days. But not everyone can fight them. And today I want to talk about myself.

Always too bothered about what others thought—that was me, for the longest time. I would waste hours worrying  about things that did not need so much consideration. 

Some days anxiety affected me so much I became unpleasant to be around, and many people felt it was difficult to deal with me. You might wonder, how much worse could it be? But my anxiety was not just a general feeling of fear or panic. It was a heightened state of nervousness and fear, which would escalate to the point where I would start feeling short of breath. 

When things did not go my way, I often became loud and hasty, trying to prove my point, to the extent that I often became shaky and nervous.

 I was often too anxious about what others thought of me, I put too much effort into trying to explain myself to people. I discovered I often went too far and said too much. When I finally learned it was not necessary for me to offer so many details, I was able to work on this by limiting myself in conversation. Doing this helped me begin to feel much better. I realized I was wasting mental energy when I overexplained.

We often turn to bad habits to cope with problems and challenges in our life. Many people, myself included, might drink alcohol or take up smoking in order to cope with anxiety. Others might self-isolate. But these methods proved to be ineffective for me, so I instead began to turn to activities that let me improve my mental and physical skills. I began practicing yoga and meditation. These activities not only helped me develop better self-control, they had a spiritual efforts that was quite invaluable for me. Music was another method that helped me manage my anxiety to a large extent.

My journey through anxiety wasn’t an easy one, but these journeys aren’t usually easy. There are no miracles that can get rid of mental health challenges overnight. What mattered for me was my persistence to be committed and work on my well-being continuously.

If you are struggling with anxiety, consider seeking the help of a qualified and compassionate professional who can help you identify and address symptoms of anxiety.