Yes! I am talking about emptiness, emptiness of mind and heart. Yes this is what happend in depression and anxiety. I can feel it all. I have a strange emptiness in my mind and my heart.

Don’t feel like talking to anyone, it seems that everything is over. I am afraid to meet people. I get angry, because why is all this happening to me. I try to calm myself down. Try to keep myself busy. Just want to cry all the time.

It seems everything is numb. It’s good to be alone. All the time just thinking negative.

Maybe it won’t be that easy for me. It will take time to get out of it. I want to get out of it. But this time is not easy for me, feels like I’m dying inside. There’s so much noise inside me. Everyone is laughing at me, but they don’t know what I am surviving. They will never feel.

But I know what I’m facing so I am not going to let myself break. I am always with myself. And I’m so happy with myself. And i am proud myself that I have courage to fight against all these. And it will end soon.