Lakshya Chaudhary is an Indian youtuber from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. He makes roast videos on his Youtube channel. Lakshay Chaudhary is one of the few Youtube creators who provides funny content with social messages.

I’m a big fan of him, I watch his all videos. I always wanted to talk to him once. And finally i talked to him through a friend. I didn’t think he would be so down to earth. I’m so glad.

he is one of my favorite youtubers, And I like to see that he is a good person too. he talks to me very well. He didn’t let me realize he is a big youtuber. Yes, now everyone will say that what is the big deal in this, but I am very happy.

I am a patient of mix anxiety and depressive disorder. And a small thing that makes us happy is a big thing for us. And it’s a double pleasure for me to talk to him. because whenever i am sad i watch his videos which make me happy. Thank you for making us laugh, thank you for making our bad times better.

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